Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Halloween Prize

My most favoritest place to go cropping here in Fort Collins is Capture. In the month of October they had a promotion - Bring a Friend to class or crop. We got lucky and as long as we went to a class or crop, our names got put in the drawing.

The drawing was for Halloween goodies from Little Yellow Bicycle - their Frightful collection. And if you truly know me, you know how much I LOVE Halloween!

Anyways...I won the drawing!!! Yippee!!!!! Second time I won a Halloween prize from them! The first time was a Halloween Finished in A Flash kit - won during the regular crop night door prize drawing.

I'll have to post pics of my latest win laters. I was so surprised to have won all those goodies. Suzanne and I were talking and she said there is easily close to $100 worth of things! Oh me, Oh My!!!

I'm also on their blog...check it out!

Laters Gators!!

Blog Candy

While on the subject of blog candy, take a look at CraftyC's Crafting Library. She does EXCELLENT work and is giving away Blog Candy!!!

Take a look, you won't be disappointed!

Laters Gators!

Amazing Paper Grace and Blog Candy

I'm going back in time on this because it has been FOREVER since I've blogged.

I have a new found love since staying at home, looking on-line at various blogs - craft blogs that is. I can't believe all the Creative people out there! Oh my goodness! I have a hard time remembering to check all my fave places.

Anyways...I had found out about this one blog via one of the Yahoo groups I'm in. I've checked out this lady's blog every so often. I decided to check out her blog again, to see her new creations. I got there at just the right moment because she had announced she was giving away Blog candy!

What's Blog Candy? That's where you go and check out that person's blog. They usually have a question for you to respond to or have you link their blog to your blog and they pick a winner from all the responses.

Well...I posted my response on this lady's blog. I checked back at the appropriate time and found that I didn't win! :(

Then one night, I decided to check out her blog again, as I remembered she had some cute things on there that I could make for Christmas gifts. I saw that the person that she had drawn earlier and that she had pulled another name. Guess who's name she pulled? Yup, yup. It was mine!!! WhooHooo!!!!

What did I win? I won a set of Nestabilities - Star shapped. Nestabilities are the newest toys that I am loving. Yes my Cricut can do some cuts like the Nesties...but not completely. But with the Nestabilities, you can cut AND emboss!!!!

AnyHoo...that's it for my Blog Candy post. Oh...check out Amazing Paper Grace - Becca does such AWESOME work!!!

Laters Gators!!!

Doing the Happy Dance

So, living here in Colorado makes me listen and remember songs that deals with Colorado (gotta love my new home state)!!! And during the holiday season, I LOVE hearing this song by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band called Colorado Christmas.

I finally decided I needed to buy that song. I looked high and low on I-tunes and could not find it. I've even gone to Wal-Mart and other stores looking in the music section for it. Ohhh...I just couldn't find it. I was even getting a little desperate and was going to check with some of my friends to see if they had it.

Then last night I remember Wal-Mart had music down-loads and thought I'd check there. I was doing the happy dance when I searched and found my song on there! Ohmigoodness!!!!

I finally bought it and down-loaded and am listening to it as I type this. I'm soo, sooo HAPPY!

Sooo...that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

Laters Gators!


I love the weather here in Colorado. Yesterday we got a little snow. It was enough to color the ground white and slicken up the roads in time for going home traffic in the evening.

Watching the weather report last night, they predicted we'd get a little more. The temps were going to drop down very low though.

Imagine my surprise to wake up and have Brent tell me he might be snowed in!!!! We had at least 8 inches in front of the door. It's still snowing!!!!

This is a nice amount of snow, we're getting here. My girlfriend, who lives in Severance - a few towns over to the east of Fort Collins, got some snow over the weekend and we didn't (at least us in the west side of Fort Collins).

It is pretty nice to see the white stuff. Good thing I was smart enough to get my grocery shopping done on Monday. Not that I had planned it that way, I just got lucky. I'll have to remember to check out the weather report daily and plan my days.

Well...that's it pancit!

Laters Gators!


Gee...why is it I can't come on here and blog like I should? Why is it that I don't do everything I should? Why, why, why?????

I don't know. But I will try my hardest to get on here and post things!

Laters Gators!