Sunday, September 21, 2008

Blog candy

So, I've not posted much on here, been kinda busy. I have, however, been looking at other people's blogs and found this one. She does great work and has a Blog candy give-away!

Check it out!

Laters Gators!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Behind on Postings

I guess no news is good news? I haven't been on here for awhile! I've been a little busy.

Friday, before Labor Day, I covered for my dear friend Lori and worked for her. It was strange getting up to 'go to' work!!! I know people were glad to see me and I was glad to see them. No offense Lori, but I love, LOVE staying home now!!! LOL!!

The following week, I went back to work again for my boss, Bradley's, birthday. I made him such a cute card!!! I used my Cricut, Playful Pups cartridge for it. I normally like to at least layer my cards once, but when I'm pressed for time and don't have any great ideas, I don't do that. Bradley's card was one of those. I needed to get his card THAT day. I really loved that I did. I need to see if I took a pic of it and up-load it.

Talking about up-loading pics, I do have some that I need to post here. I have been working on some cards for some swaps on this one Yahoo group that I'm in. I will post them as soon as I send them out and it's received. I don't think I want them seen before the intended receivers see it.

I worked on two of those cards when I went to a crop night at my FAVE scrapbooking store here. Cathy and I, actually had a nice day on that day, Friday. We met for lunch. And then we went to Joann's super store in Loveland and Hobby Lobby. I went home, packed my things and headed over to Capture!! I'm glad that I did at least get two sets of cards done!

Saturday we didn't do much. Did our grocery shopping. I got another new Cuttlebug embossing folder. Later that night, I finished a Halloween deco square swap. So I get to mail that out with my Blue and Purple card.

Today is Sunday. We're watching football - New England and Kansas City. We're rooting for the Pats - LOVE them!!! Even though I lived in KC for a few years and Brent's lived there many more years, we don't cheer on KC very much.

Tonight is the premiere of True Blood on HBO!!! I made Brent get HBO on Friday just for this show! It's based on the Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire series by Charlaine Harris. My other dear friend, Dawn, and I have read ALL the books so far in the series and we love it! So we are both seriously looking forward to this show. I hope it's good. Though the guy that they have playing Bill, doesn't look the way that I had seen him in my itty-bitty mind! LOL!!! And the guy that plays Eric, is TOTALLY not how I pictured him! OH well!!!

Anyways...that's it. I'll have to up-load pics soon!

Laters Gators!!!